Get more traffic with your Blog by Sid John

I’ve been online for some time now working with many different website that have brought in lots of traffic and sometimes even a bit of money. It turns out the basic rules about website marketing are also true for blogs.

  1. Theme based content – Pick one are or one topic and then write as much as you can about that topic. Over time you will either dominate the niche or position yourself as an expert and get lots of free links and free traffic from other websites.
  2. Blogs are optimized – Blogs are really neat because they are already optimized for the search engines. They are mostly text based, with very clean code and clear link structure. It is not uncommon to get hundreds of blog pages indexed on the major search engines while you’re still waiting for your site to catch up.
  3. Pick the right money making opportunity – Some topics work well with Google adsense, some topics work well with affiliate programs. Do some testing and figure out which one will work for you. In general, affiliate programs will probably give you a better rate of return for reach click.
  4. Adsense pays off with massive traffic – It is not surprise that the sites that are raking in the money with adsense have massive amounts of daily traffic.

    Depending on your topic, you will probably get a few cents per click. So if you really want to make a lot of money you will need thousands or even millions of clicks per month to get a huge income. This is where large content sites have the advantage.
  5. Create keyword rich copy – this is the only way to get free, targeted traffic from the search engines.
  6. Test everything – Test your copy, design, title, ad positions and more. If something works keep it. If something fails, change it immediately and keep changing it until you get better results. But, don’t change everything at once. Do one element at a time so that you know which element is having the most impact on your bottom line.

It typically doesn’t matter which type of blog platform you use as long as your observe the basic blog rules for success.

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